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  1. Tools of the Hybrid Woodworker:  This section covers the tools I recommend for a hybrid wood shop, including Power Tools, Must-Have Hand Tools, Hand Tools to Consider and Hand Tools to Consider...Later.
  2. Techniques of the Hybrid Woodworker:  This section covers milling and basic joinery including half-laps, dados, rabbets, mortise & tenons, hybrid dovetails and more!
  3. Hybrid Projects:  I wrap up the book by reviewing a few of my past projects (Platform Bed, Split-Top Roubo Workbench, Shaker Table, Wall-Hanging Cabinet, Adirondack Chair) and how hybrid techniques helped me achieve optimal results.
What will you find in "Hybrid Woodworking"?

Whether you're a hand tool woodworking devotee or prefer to use power tools in your furniture making endeavors, you're sure to find validity in the merits and efficiency offered by the hybrid woodworking system.

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Making beautiful furniture can be immensely gratifying. By adopting the hybrid woodworking system you can get to that satisfying end result with less effort while enjoying every step along the way.